This is where most photographers and videographers would tell you about their state-of-the-art digital equipment, their award-winning productions or their educational pedigree. But thatís not the most important reason for selecting MannMade Digital Video for your project.

We have been shooting videos of stage, theater and other live performances since 2001.  We understand the language of theater and stage and we provide all crew and equipment necessary to complete the project.

MannMade Digital Video specializes in performance videography. We shoot and produce DVD videos of stage, theater, dance and music performances. We are the leader in our market area in the art of performance events video. This is our specialty. We have the combination of experience, equipment, and attention to detail that enable us to produce a very entertaining DVD with titles, credits and other value-added features. Plus, we can optionally produce high-quality companion audio CD's.

About MannMade Digital Video

MannMade Digital Video is a premiere videographer in the Westford, Massachusetts (Middlesex County) Videographers community on

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At MannMade Digital Video we will work together to produce a DVD of your production that your cast and crew will treasure for years.
For a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs call us at: 978.467.1382

We operate on the principle that Professional Video Production should be affordable and easily accessible to small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

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We are located in Middlesex County, North of Boston, MA